Keep running

There’s just something about running on Whittington Ave that brings my soul back to life. Maybe it’s the trees or how the lighting and temperature are always perfect.  I woke up kinda feeling wore out, but I knew that progress is only possible if I keep going. The beautiful cloud filled sky and first fall leaves just told me things were going to go well today.

Even though my fitclip and phone were dying, I managed to get some music in my ears so I could get the most out of my workout. Running makes me feel alive and happy. I run with the beat of the music and feel empowered by the lyrics. I work through my frustrations and improve my health with these kind of practices.

I have been working on my own fitness and inspiring others to do the same for several years now and I promise that it is not easy. I have relapsed into bad habits that hinder my ideal form and returned to negative feelings a few times. But I am here to tell you to keep going, keep running towards your fulfilled self.

Don’t fall into Fall gut.

Keep pushing forward to reach your fall fitness goals.

I run once a week, what do you like to do to stay happy and healthy?

“But are not this struggle and even the mistakes one may make better, and do they not develop us more, than if we kept systematically away from emotions?” Vincent Van Gogh



This crazy place I call home

This is one one of those rare epic moments in history that I am so proud to tell you about.

If you want to see talent, you have to visit Texarkana.

My roots are proudly here amongst those that can touch your soul like the legendary acts that you have come to respect throughout history.

If you want to know a little something about this city you must visit Fat Jacks Oyster and Sports Bar which is just one of many places that are a legend in its own right.

Right here we have talented musicians of like mind from many different  talents.

This photo was taken at the Crazy Horse Saloon where I had the pleasure of accompanying Hazy Jayne in Joan Jett’s “I hate myself for loving you” Lee Brooks on guitar and Barry Johnson on bass. What an honor it is to call these guys my friends and see them last night with so many of those that make this city twice as nice with a different country-like feel of Taryn Ashley’s beautiful voice rendition of Jolene and the combination of Greg Hagood’s Red dirt country rock.

Lee Brooks inspires me because he feels the music in his very soul. He has shared that love with so many people and he is not alone in his venture to make music in Texarkana a permanent staple.

There are some crazy folks in t-town where we all find a way to intermingle with a touch of all different genres. Rock being at my heart with not only my mentor Lee but also with his counter-part of my love for this place being that of Jase Bryant and his band Canaan


He astounds everyone with his nostalgic ability to capture the essence of the true rock of ages that never dies.  With the many other musicians he has introduced me to, the true nature of psychedelic tunes will live forever. The energy I feel from this city is what lights me up and when you are around creative people such as these, the limits to your creativity are boundless.

Jase Bryant and Joshua Foster among many others I love, put so much work into many fantastic shows held at The Silver Dollar. It was the place I felt I belonged and when the doors closed, I truly shed a tear. They have made it so that local talent and musicians from everywhere can have a place to release their hearts and souls into the culture and create a sense of being. Now they are making plans at other local bars to bring in the audience that they have created and is always growing.

I feel that that they have an everlasting urge to never let this art-form die.

Jase  had this to say at the most recent Texarkana Singer/Songwriter showcase:

“I feel extremely lucky to be able to do this at The Arrow. I am obligated to the community to provide unique entertainment that is made up of talented musicians from right here in Texarkana.”

What amazing people that we have in this crazy place I call home.

I am finally so proud to be a part of this city. I have found myself in all of the chaos that is life and I know that its partly due to the fact that I know these crazy, amazing people that are also from here. All the friends I have made and their unique sense of purpose intertwine to create a great place to be.

Even though I may not always be here, my heart will somewhat always be planted here, in Texarkana; the city in two states and of many people with awesome qualities to share.

So thank you for letting me be a part of your world.


Lead me not into temptation, Deliver me from V-day

Oh Valentine’s Day is coming up alright but is it really a holiday if you are spending it alone? 

I think i will sit this one out. Why, you might ask?

It has come to my attention that people are in love….with instant gratification.

I am guilty for falling victim to it as well and it never makes me feel better.

People all around me have rushed into “relationships” and im just lke meh, better you than me. I’ve been in a relationship, one that i started young and it lasted a LONG time and it was “perfect” EXCEPT… wasn’t.

And do you know why? Because I wasn’t in love with myself! Not fully anyway.

So while you and your **boyfriend/girlfriend** (insert smooches here) are getting all romantical and shit, i will adore myself with music and books.

I am sick of the almost boyfriend and the hookups. I would rather love myself than not be treated like the princess that i am. I deserve nothing short of amazing, because i am amazing. I have never had a boyfriend, unless you count my favorite f***boi who made me feel special so i would spoil him. I will not fall for your fake sweet talk boys.

I give up on love…i will just wait it out. Maybe I do need more time to enjoy being alone.

Sure i wish the guy i like would magically start noticing me and show up with gifts but that’s not gonna happen and you know what? I’m glad because when i fall in love it will be for real and the gifts and lovey stuff we share with people will be real and i will enjoy it that much more…i will be a whole person and the person i love will compliment my life.

I am a fierce burst of fire and energy that no man has managed to tame or even understand and I am actually pretty happy about that because the best is yet to come.

So don’t cry for me Texarkana, I’m gonna be alright…hell even better because I’m a red head who knows how to study, work and rock and roll!!

Those eyes,

so alluring and mysterious

captured my thoughts

and my very nature has been submitted to your control

A constant war of rebellion

the lady of ages looks deep into your soul

Secret league of gentlemen make yourselves known

hiding behind the notion of the generalization of males

You come to take a woman and make her a lady

I long for your approval

your influence stays with me



p.s. if you are secretly in love with me don’t bother, i will buy my own candy and flowers.

Actually  i will probably be working out and being a bad ass 😉

What do you think of Valentine’s Day?



5 simple steps to a splendid New Year!

Confidence is sexy. It’s also the key to having a great life, and an advancement in your overall personality.

When you know you are capable, you can do anything.

It’s the very beginning of January of a new year and no doubt you have a list of things that you would like to accomplish before 2016 ends. Let me help you out a little with developing these goals into reality.

  1. Take care of yourself!

I know it is a given but trust me; when you put the right nutrition into your body, everything else is a cinch. The confidence builds with every exercise, healthy food choice and vitamin you take.

2.  Focus!

It’s a real tough one for me. I tend to fantasize about things which I turn into a list of cool stuff I want to do; but I will only get to climb mountains if I work hard to get there. which leads me to my next point:

3.  Make everyday count!

I have been a list maker ever since I can remember, but actually putting things into action is where I have been lacking. So I intend to make every moment of this year count towards the ultimate goals for success.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others!

Perhaps the reason we don’t reach our goals as fast as we would like is because we are so consumed with envy for what others are doing that we see our goals as hopeless in comparison. Honestly, there are others that wish they had your qualities as well so:

5. Spend time alone

As an extrovert, this one is my hardest thing to achieve this on a daily basis. I find myself just going to Starbucks to be around people. If you are anything like me, you have to have noise to be productive. This is perfectly okay if you are actually getting work done. Just be sure to spend quiet time with yourself too. This will help you to truly love yourself.

These are the five most important things for you to accomplish in the new year.

PS. Don’t be so hard on yourself! None of us are quite where we want to be yet, so take one day at a time!

Up next: (Don’t succumb to instant gratification)



Tell me all about your New Year plans!

I am certain with a plan for success, you will achieve them! 🙂

A name by any other wouldn’t be as sweet

Working in customer service, I get to meet lots of new people. I have discovered that I am really great at guessing individuals’ names or at least connecting their faces with their name. A lot can be said about a person’s name like: where they come from, where they’ve been, or even possibly their upbringing. It has been a pleasure of mine to meet people and guess what their name is.

My name fascination probably began as a child because of the unique sound of mine. I was always teased about my last name of Gilliland, but imagine what it must have been like for my mother, whose name was Higginbotham.

I began work at McDonald’s and my love of unique names began to grow. Everyone started calling me LaLa for short of my real name, saying it was a very crazy, hard to pronounce, or perhaps ethnic of nature. I laughed and enjoyed the attention and conversation it caused.

When I went to work for Starbucks, you can imagine the delight I had for assigning names on cups as I tried to guess the spelling of some plain, some awesome names. I have always had a crazy knack for guessing how it is pronounced and how it is spelled! I was always meticulous about the proper spelling because I just love crazy names!

Now that I have grown in knowledge of my own heritage and how my parents came up with my outrageous name, I make it one of my hobbies to learn the origin of where people derived their name suitable for their face.

When people come into the hotel where I work, I look amongst my arrivals and nearly always guess which name matches the face! It’s quite a lot of fun to see their reaction; then they proceed to tell me where they have traveled from. It’s really cool to see how people are named how their parents intended, but their name somehow suits them.

I like to think that my name really suits me because it is crazy, fun and unexpected! People meet me and say, “What a real beautiful, awesome name you have!”

Tell me all about your experience with names and what effect meeting people with uniqueness has had in your life! 🙂23-hilariously-misspelled-names-on-starbucks-coffee-cups